Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What are the relationships of Life and Coffee?

What is Life ? What is Coffee ?

My definition of Life is a Journey filled with strong emotions, sometimes we go through stages of extreme emotions while at times, we are in a dull state. It is important to know that we must balance all the emotions during our journey. Our ability to remain calm, focused and still able to enjoy the experience even admist difficult trials and challenges, is dependent on our ability to control our emotions.

My definition of Coffee is a stimulant that gives me the extra boost I need to maintain such control of my emotions. Studies have now shown it contains anti-oxidants which is a classification of several organic substances, selenium, including Vit C, E and A. Vitamin A is converted from beta-carotene. It also contains carotenoids, which adds color to many fruits and vegetables. All these, when combined are called antioxidants which are effective in helping to prevent cancer, heart diseases and stroke. Hence, Coffee is the life-blood that really help me to maintain emotional control.

Life without coffee would be unthinkable. Their relationship is such that Life is the Passion and Coffee is the Commitment. What is Passion? What is Commitment?

Passion is your desire to get the job done or to reach your goals. Our desires changes according to our circumstances. When we are met with obstacles or stumbling blocks, we sometimes become frustrated, confused or discouraged. What can prevent this? The answer is simple but not something we do very well. Commitment.

Committment means to accept what you have to do to get the job done or to reach your goals. To do whatever it takes to get the job done - without complaining and whining, in other words, to remain calm, focused and able to enjoy the moment of it.

Therefore, Passion without Commitment first, is not going to be long-lasting.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Do it tomorrow (or the day after)...

Please note: I always enjoy my cup of coffee with cream and little/no sugar. Drinking Coffee, smelling it's aroma, especially Blue Mountain, is very relaxing and soothing to my mind, body and spirit.

Procrastination seems to built into our DNA. Somewhere along the double-helix are the codes to put things off to a later time or date. It is also in our nature to rationalize our putting off with good reasons.

Why on earth do we procrastinate? The dictionary definition means to "delay or postpone an action" however, it does not define it as a positive nor a negative action. There are times when we do it because we have not have all the facts yet or we were simply lazy and hence postpone the action. Sometimes we are afraid of negative results while at other times, we were simply indifferent to the outcome. What is certain is that there are consequences to each of our actions, may it be positive or negative ones.

Take my blogsite, I know that I should be updating it regularly, embellish it with photos and pictures but I simply was too busy...(doing what???, one might ask!)

(Rationalized)Reasons: (1)My buddies and I went out for drinks as coffee is very important to me as it is part of my life-blood. I literally cannot function without 2 cups of Coffee a day, (2)Quality time with My Wife and Son, like shopping, dinners, open-hearted discussions and play with my 5 year Son is very important as well, (3) I had several reports to write and important clients to meet-up(and impress, otherwise why would they want to work with my company (and me?))

Hence, because of the 3 (rationalized) reasons, I had to procrastinate doing my blogsite. Come to think of it, I have not really procrastinate when it comes to drinking coffee. That's life and coffee for me. Both go hand in hand. Just like my Wife, who also must have her cup of coffee every morning and her afternoon break, so must I. My Wife and I are a team of sorts, and definitely my soul-mate for life!

The meaning of Life and Coffee has always intrigued me when I saw many interesting connections between them. Life has been always been bitter-sweet to me and my cup of coffee is often bitter-sweet, especially when my Wife makes it for me.
Through thick and thin, I always have a cup of coffee in my hands.
Rushing my Assignments/Term-paper/Exams in University, a cup of coffee is there.
Meeting with my buddies, often than not, I always order a cup of coffee.
Meeting with important clients, a cup of coffee is within reach of my right hand as I go through my presentation with my left hand holding the paper or pressing the button on my notebook.
Before I start my work everyday, I must have a cup of coffee first.
Usually After Dinner at home with my Wife, when we start our sharing for the day, each of us holding a cup of coffee in our hand, we sip and chat away (for an hour and a half or so, then it is time to spend time with my kid).
To say that Life without Coffee would be unthinkable is the truth. It has always been a part of my life since I was 10 years old.
My Wife and members of my family are all coffee-drinkers. I would not call all of them coffee-lovers. And my kid is no different but as he is still a kid, the Wife and I still refrain him from drinking coffee. Maybe when he is older.

I hope that my sharing today can present more about myself. I chose "Procrastination" as an intro because I have indeed been putting this blogsite off for some time now.

To learn more about me, here are 10 websites that I frequent:
(a) www.kennysia.com,
(b) xiaxue.blogspot.com
(c) faerieanne.blogspot.com
(d) www.flexonline.com
(e) www.askmen.com
(f) www.starbucks.com
(g) www.startrek.com
(h) www.donnieyen.com
(i) www.ironmanarmory.com
(j) www.comicsworld.com

I have been inspired by these sites. I have been touched by these sites. I sure would like to have coffee with the people behind the making/design/sharing of these sites.

Bye for now.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Consistency is the KEY to Success.

I have been going to gym from May 2005 to October 2005 and then took a 3 month break due to business trips and also for Chinese New Year. When I went back again last month, I found that my stamina had decreased (probably due to me putting back some the weights I lost, during Christmas, New Year Party Bash, Chinese New Year etc). My strength has also dropped by at least 20%, when translated means, I could not lift as heavy as before and could do less repetitions per set. It is only 3 months break, how could it have such an effect on my performance? Because I was not consistent in my training.

Consistency is the KEY to Success.

Right now, I am doing a 5-day Training Program focusing on overloading for the first 2 months and high-reps, low weights for the third month. I repeat the cycle again.

Overloading simply means from light to heavy with a decrease in reps for each set. For example, doing bench-press, I lift 30kgs, 15 times for the 1st set. After completing it, I lift 45kgs, 10 times for the 2nd set. Then, I lift 60Kgs, 5 times for the 3rd set and finally, I lift 80Kgs, 3 times for the last set. This is used to build muscle mass and develop greater strength.

High-reps, low weights means I lift light weights with a higher frequency for each set. For example, doing bench-press. I lift 20kgs, 20 times for the 1st set. After completing it, I lift 25kgs, 20 times for the 2nd set. Then I lift 30kgs, 15 times for the 3rd set and finally, I lift 30kgs, 15 times for the last set. This is used to do "cutting" or develop greater definitions of my physique.

To acheive greater muscle-mass, consistency is a must!

The use of steroids is not advisable since it has many dangerous and harmful side-effects. I rather rely on sheer willpower and determination to reach my goals of achiveing a lean, mean and well-defined physique.