Sunday, August 13, 2006

Need time to think ...

I am going to be taking a few days off to think about my life and do some personal stuff.

So I would not be answering my e-Mails and/or replying my sms.

Until then....

Sunday, August 06, 2006

A reflection .....

I have been taking a lot of time to reflect and consider my options in life.

1. True Leadership.

I found that the mark of a true leader is not about winning or losing. It is having a compassionate heart and a determination to do what's right and the wisdom to know what not to do at any given time. Life can be a War. In that respect, there are some battles that should not be fought. It is always wise to choose my battles and who I support in battles, otherwise, I may not be able to shoulder the consequences. I must never engage in a battle that I cannot win or have no confidence in winning (Read Sun Tzu: The Art of War. The battle is won before it is ever fought). Life can be brutal, that's true. Life can be unpredictable. And Life can be the best teacher I know, if I allow it. In that respect, it has taught me that if I want to be a good student, I must first empty my cup of coffee. Otherwise, I am not going to be able to taste the "new coffee flavour of the month". In other words, another mark of a true leader is humility.

To learn to listen until the next person has finished is a sign of humility. To take time to analyze what is being said is a sign of respect for others. After that, to accept or reject what is being said is a sign of decisiveness. In other words, to empty my cup first so the new coffee flavour of the month can be poured into my cup. To take time to savour the aroma and taste, and finally to either appreciate it or politely refuse another cup.

2. True Fatherhood

I found that the mark of a true father is about being there when my son needs me, to protect him, to teach him what's right from wrong, to show him how to do things properly and also to be his best buddy for life. Once I know these, it is even more important to make time to spend with him, to be a person of high moral standards and stong ethics so I can be the best role model for him, also make sure I spend time researching the questions he asked so I can properly explain to him and that I have to make sure he knows that my doors are always open to him, no matter what time of the day. All these and more. It is truly a learning experience! One that I intend to excel in.

Think about it. Please feel free to comment.