Monday, May 15, 2006

Positive Parenting...

I came across some interesting information (while sorting out my stuff)...

Positive Parenting

1. Give them time

2. Re-discover the power of praise - For every one action of scolding, we must offer nine actions of praises as encouragement to do what is good for them.

3. Laugh More - Children enjoys people who have a good sense of humor.

4. Don't delegate the time to be with them, be there! - Take time to spend with your children, to show them the way to being good citizens and contribute to society. Lead by example. So when you are old, they are going to be with you also.

5. Defend the boundaries - Always teach them the do and don'ts of life. These are not just a matter of disciplin but for their personal safety as well. Also as a parent, you must also spend some time to monitor who their friends are and what they are being exposed as it may not be suitable for their age.

6. Let them go but always make sure the door to your home is always open to them.

Simple advise but yet, these are some of the most fundamentals that can go a long way and prevent many problems that develop later in life. Sure make me think more about my lifestyle as a parent. I am not saying that I had never put the above into practice but rather, there are always room for improvements in my current lifestyle to make time for all the above points. I am glad that I did not throw away this piece of information.

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