Saturday, March 15, 2008

What is Martial Arts? Part 1 of 3

What is Martial Arts? Some called it Combat Arts or Martial Science.

In order to understand this, we must first understand it's purpose.

What is the purpose of Martial Arts?

The purpose of Martial Arts is to create pain and agony for the other person. Whoever calls it a form of self-defense, is only deceiving himself. It is scientific system with strong applications in Physics, Geometry, Psychology and Biology, an integration to form one single objective - maximize the amount of pain and agony within the shortest time possible, to such an effect, to knock someone unconscious to cripple someone by dislocation of joints or tearing of muscles, tendons and ligaments and to extreme situations, yes, death. Please do not misunderstand me, I am NOT encouraging others who are practicing or studying Martial Arts to go knock someone unconscious or cripple someone or to kill. What I am saying is that this is the sole-purpose of Martial Arts. Please, make no mistake about this, when you throw a punch at a heavy bag, you are practicing to throw a punch at a person - to cause pain and agony, to try and knock the person unconscious.

If you're studying Martial Arts to learn about self-defense, then you are studying the wrong subject. It would be better to learn not to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But I digress, ........ the study of martial arts IS the study of inflicting injury and agony to your opponent, or to anyone whom you consider a threat or an enemy.

I know that this is only my point of view on this subject. I am also very sure most people, especially those who are training in Martial Arts, would disagree with me. It is fine with me. As I have said, this is merely my point of view on this subject. You do not have to agree or disagree with me.

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