Tuesday, April 08, 2008

It is time to focus on what's important...

For friends and family who know me, I'm generally not a big spender. And the last 2 years, I spent even less money per month. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I have become a vegetarian, abstain from drinking (or eating) anything with alcohol and also pubs or nightclubs. And in some rare occasions, that I do visit a pub, I would normally order a cup of coffee or green tea. Hence, my expenses have been dramatically reduced by at least 85%.

I also control my spendings in buying books, often taking my time to decide whether to make a purchase and usually would only purchase after the 2nd or 3rd visit to the book-store. True, the books are for my own self-improvement and allows me to learn more from the mistakes and experiences of others but, the most important factor in my making the purchase is whether I have the time to actually start reading and finishing the books. I already have over 800 books in my own library, and I am proud to say that I have actually finished almost 400 books already.

The reason for all this control of expenses is that I worry about providing for my family, costs of living is getting expensive: oil prices going up, price of rice going up, price of soya beans going up, price of vegetables going up... the price of everything is going up!

I shudder at the thought about our future. So, I must plant my seeds of content and happiness every day and nurture it to allow me to live a life that does not waste nor does not encourage me to compare with others. The "materialistic symbolism of wealth and success" is flawed as the perception is based solely on greed and pride (more on this later).

Therefore, it is time to focus on what's important!

It is definitely time to put on my Helmet, Armor, Arm-guards, Shin-Guards and Shield again. Sharpen my Swords. Charge into the battlefield. It is only in the course of battles fought and to be fought that a person can truly improve. To know that careful planning and execution involves the proper use of one's resources, the precision of timing, the importance of winning without fighting as well as cutting loses, strategic withdrawals and live to fight another day, and to be victorious in one hundred battles for one hundred battles, is to respect, acknowledge, understand and adapt to the "subtle" changes in our daily life. Such "subtle" changes are often detectable by being calm and observant. Yet, to many it is elusive and invisible. Often, these people are blinded by their pride, ignorance, laziness, greed and hatred.

This year, I have to come to terms with who I am, what I am and what I have achieved and what I can further achieve - Strive for a breakthrough beyond the level of mediocre, to be better than what I am now, to mature into a wise, humble and virtuous person! So that I do not disappoint in my role as a husband, father, son and brother in the land that I was born.

Therefore, it is time to focus on what's important!

I must make a daily effort to subdue my feelings of envious and not search for unnecessary materialistic needs or wants, nullify my anger so I can remain calm and observant as well as listen to my True Voice of own heart and that of my Teachers, Masters and Heaven, have strong moral-restraints over my lifestyle and persevere from procrastination or being lazy by consciously forcing myself to do what is right and what I have committed or promised, so all these becomes a part of me, a part of my lifestyle; it becomes who I am and what I stand for - to become a wise, humble and virtuous person, to strive for a breakthrough beyond the level of mediocre, to be better than what I am now.

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